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Uncovering the existence of the Winnie Ruth Judd Murder Cottage
Research only.

If you look online for images of the Winnie Ruth Judd crime scene, this is what you find. Example - click here. It is widely reported that on this lot once sat the actual murder cottage. In fact, today this vacant lot would be 2929 N. 2nd Street. (the address where the murders occured), as it is between 2927 (to the right) and (2931 to the left)
This investigation submits that this lot is not the scene of the crime as a result of street address changes made by the city sometime in the 40's. In other words, it became 2929 sometime after the murders.

This plat map from 1910 indicates that Block 2 lot 2 (highlighted in yellow) as described in Bommersbach's book p.86 could not be an accurate description of the murder scene because that would place the house on 3rd Street, not 2nd. This investigation submits that the legal address of the house was located on lot 9 (highlighted in red) on 2nd Street & Pinchot (until changed to Catalina)

A picture of the murder cottage 5 days after the murder. - L.A. Times. October, 1931

The house as it stands today. 2909 N. 2nd Street

Across the corner from 2nd and Catalina today.